Payday Loan to Pay Credit Card Debts

Many Mexicans face each month with what seems to be an invincible monster, the debts by credit cards, if you are one of the many Mexicans, who is suffering from this situation, there is already better news.

Pay your debts using a payday loan

While there are other options to settle your debts, few offer you the benefit of actually paying less and without penalty. Asking for a payday loan to pay off credit card debts is an option, if you find a good offer on this service.

We becomes an ally for people who have these problems, but as we have already told you we are not for anyone, this technological platform that connects people with an excellent credit history and who have enough capacity to pay in order to pay a credit, with people who want to lend their money and have better returns than in traditional institutions.

Premium payday loans are the best option to get out of this type of debt, to start with us you can get a minimum interest rate of 12% and a maximum of 26%. The lowest average interest rate in Mexico. This rate is assigned by our expert analysts.

In addition another of the advantages of our company is that you choose the term to liquidate your expensive debts, from 3, up to 24 months. And you have the option of being able to pay your loan beforehand, if it is in full, without any penalty.

To get a loan in us you must meet the following selection criteria:

  • We reviewed the credit bureau. The applicant needs to have an excellent credit history.
  • Income level, greater than 5 thousand pesos
  • Work seniority, more than 12 months working.
  • Age, being of legal age and under 60
  • Payment capacity
  • Personal references
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income

As you can read we are here to help you, if you are already tired of paying your credit card debts month after month and not seeing the end of your debt, it is time for you to know our premium payday loans.

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