What are the Mini Loans of the 2019 New Online?


Every time we are more people that need mini-credits, that is to say small amounts of money, and from time to time new loans appear so we update this article continuously to include the new microcredits.

In the year 2019, new mini-credits have appeared and others that already existed have been consolidated with a high demand for applications.

Some of them appear on television but the vast majority may not know them if you have never sought miniprestamos for an emergency.

How do we differentiate ourselves from other portals?

How do we differentiate ourselves from other portals?


Our main value is that we try to keep the web updated, analyzing and incorporating the new types of online loans that exist as well as the conditions of each of them, which sometimes is not easy, so it is important to read the conditions of the websites officers before asking for an online credit.

With the opinions that you send me little by little we are doing a ranking or ranking list of which are the best ones attending to their seriousness and transparency and at the same time we are gathering those of new incorporation to the financial market and that often offer more favorable economic conditions than those already consolidated.

Why do more types of miniprestamos arise online?

Why do more types of miniprestamos arise online?

Because the demand has increased by almost 30%, I must first recognize that when I do not arrive at the end of the month or have a special event I always adjust money and often with a loan of 200 or 300 euros solvento without problems and then with the next month’s payroll I make the corresponding return.

The new mini-credits online is an opportunity that you should take advantage of, because all of them, as they are in launch, offer promotions that you can not miss. The economic conditions are more attractive than after a few months when they have already become popular.

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